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VCM aims to provide advisory and wealth-management solutions to Private Clients.
Our presence in multiple jurisdictions allows us to provide more flexibility to our clients, who can choose between any one of the following options:

  • Enlisting with one of our entities but have their wealth held in another country;
  • Choosing to be geographically diversified and have different portfolios held in different countries, with only one consolidated report throughout the collaboration.
  • This diversity brings more expertise in wealth/financial planning. We are dealing with a wide network of international tax advisors and lawyers, allowing us to provide accurate advice to our clients regarding the best structure to put in place or jurisdiction to hold their wealth.

    About wealth management
    One of the most important aspects of the wealth management journey involves understanding clients’ overall situation. To do so, we spend time building an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) with them. This document dictates and serves the relationship between wealth manager and client, helping us connect with and understand the client’s reality.

    We start by meeting face to face with the client, focusing on the following key factors:

    • Life and Return Objectives, which involve considering the overall client’s estate, spending needs and desires;
    • Risk Objectives, i.e. the client’s ability and willingness to take risks;
    • Constraints, including Liquidity, Time Horizon, Tax, Legal/Regulatory, Unique Circumstances.

    Once the document has been compiled, the investment team focuses on the portfolio’s strategic asset allocation. We go through a strong investment decision process that relies on an inhouse analysis of different asset classes, the sorting out of information received from the best research houses and an extensive quantitative & qualitative analysis of portfolios.

    Additionally, VCM manages a range of Mutual Funds on different asset classes, including equities, bonds, structured products, fixed income, among others. These funds are regulated in 3 jurisdictions: Mauritius, Luxembourg and Caymans Islands. We also manage dedicated funds with specific strategies, such as dedicated funds for Family Offices, which can be white labelled and advised externally if necessary.


    Today, with regulations getting increasingly strict for Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs), we understand that it is becoming more expensive, sometimes even unsustainable, for them to operate on their own – especially small- to medium-sized IFAs.

    At VCM, we are fully equipped with multiple licences in Monaco and Mauritius, as well as a powerful portfolio management system and a full compliance team. We believe that creating synergies within a confidential and trustful framework is the key to success!

    With the 2 regulated entities, wealth managers can manage their clients from anywhere in the world, with the flexibility of banking them in Monaco, Mauritius, Switzerland and Dubai. Our portfolio management system allows them to handle portfolios, generate reports and follow investments in total independence.

    Additionally, we create white labelled and manage investment funds from multiple jurisdictions, including Luxembourg, thanks to our fund management licences.


    Some Financial Intermediaries (FIs) like Family Offices or Fiduciaries do not necessarily have a dedicated portfolio management team. At VCM, we strive to develop partnerships with FIs, providing them with wealth management solutions wherever they are based in the world. Our presence in multiple jurisdictions allows us to provide a wider offering as well as more flexibility, since we are regulated in different countries and have long lasting relationships with trusted banking partners around the world.

    Mauritius, as an International Financial Centre with a solid reputation worldwide, is becoming more and more attractive to African entrepreneurs and family businesses, with most banks being universal banks providing both corporate and banking solutions to individuals. VCM is already dealing with most of the banks, management companies and other professionals based on the island. With our vast experience and our extensive network of financial partners, we want to offer global solutions to all intermediaries, whether they are based in Mauritius or not.

    Establish short-, medium- and long-term life goals
    Work out what your assets and liabilities are
    Evaluate your current financial position to find out how long it will take to achieve your goal
    Develop your plan by creating a route map for achieving your goals
    Implement your plan
    Monitor and review your plan yearly and make adjustments when needed